On this page you will find answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions. Our goal is to empower you with the information you need to gain a complete understanding of our platform so you can decide for yourself it our platform, vision and mission are in alignment with your needs, and ensure YOU are in complete control of your experience on our platform. If you have a question not answered below, please email us and we will reply during our regular business hours.

About Meraki Tribe Collective | Vision & Mission

  • What does Meraki mean?

    Meraki [may-rah-kee] means to do something with your soul, creativity, or love; the essence of yourself that you put in your work.


    noun. The definition of a tribe is a group of people, or a community with similar values or interests, a group with a common ancestor, or a common leader.



    1. done by people acting as a group.
    2. "a collective protest"


    1. a cooperative enterprise.

    Therefore, Meraki Tribe Collective, is a tribe of healers, light workers, conscious business owners and beings, who pour the full essence of ourselves, our love, creativity and soul into our work as we come together to heal the collective, to raise the vibration of the planet and help usher in the new earth.

    True prosperity is brought about by people following their genius whilst working together collectively.

    Richarrd Rudd #GeneKey16
  • What is Meraki Tribe Collective?

    Basically it's like a dating site for conscious businesses to meet conscious consumers and start a conscious relationship. Businesses set up a profile and members can search the digital marketplace to find the services they are looking for and then easily connect to start a business relationship.

    If you are a conscious business you will not want to be left out. You can take advantages of all the amazing tools to optimize your profile and make your message stand out to be seen and heard.

    Meraki Tribe Collective is an online space designed to make it easy connect with and support other conscious people and businesses. We have created a super intuitive, easy to use platform that encourages you to market your business with transparency and integrity.

    And in addition to our conscious directory, Meraki Tribe Collective features a Private Social Community that celebrates digital freedom of expression, welcomes discussions around alternative and natural healing modalities, plant medicines, sacred sexuality, building a conscious economy and all things conscious and sustainable living. It's a safe container to show up authentically, to share vulnerably, and have real conversations about creating a better world for all. You can leave your ego at the door - but bring your wisdom, your truth, and desire for real connection, conversation and transformation.

    Meraki Tribe Collective, is a tribe of healers, light workers, conscious business owners and beings, who pour the full essence of ourselves, our love, creativity and soul into our work as we come together to heal the collective, to raise the vibration of the planet and help usher in the new earth.

    Our vision is to create an online (and ultimately offline) community of likeminded beings committed to coming together to shift the business and marketing paradigm from that of competition to collaboration, from a scarcity mindset to one of abundance, from greed and consumerism to a generous energy exchange of our gifts where we all thrive together.

  • What is your long-term vision?

    Our long-term vision is to create a real offline communal living space and eco-village with the Meraki Center for Healing and Higher Learning, featuring sustainable conscious housing and a space for our members to host retreats, workshops, ceremonies, trainings and much more.

    Ultimately we plan to create a multi-use communal space that allows our members to share their healing gifts with as many people as possible. We don't just want to create ripples we intend to make waves of change.

    We are planning to build communities in North Florida to start, and then expand to other areas like Peru, Colorado etc. We are actively seeking land and collaboration partners and are open to co-creating and collaborating.

    To put some real vision behind the intention I even made a mock up of what the community might look like!

    Meraki Center for Healing & Higher Learning
  • Who is Meraki Tribe Collective for?
    • Conscious Business Owners (Wisdom Keepers)
    • Conscious Consumers (Wisdom Seekers)
    • people who care about the environment
    • people who care about sustainability
    • people who have healing gifts to share
    • visionary leaders, coaches trainers, healers, lightworkers
    • people who run their buisness in a conscious manner
    • alternative medicine & health practicioners
    • and all likeminded souls...

    Meraki Tribe collective is for ALL conscious beings who desire to create a better existence for the whole of humanity. The intention is to create a space that allows us to promote a message of love, collaboration and cooperation out to the world and make an impact by being the change we wish to see.

    If you create conscious events, offer workshops and retreats, coaching, yoga, meditation, breath work, share educational or inspirational content… or run any type of business and operate with conscious intent… Meraki Tribe collective is for you.

    If you desire tribe and community and to attend these types of events trainings and workshops. Meraki Tribe Collective is for you.

    If you care about where you spend your dollar and want to support conscious businesses …. Meraki Tribe Collective is for you!

    So if you have a desire to help raise the vibration of this planet … starting with you… you've found your tribe!!! Welcome home.

  • Where did the idea come from?

    You are responsible for the work you put into the world. You are defined by the clients you take on. And you can only stand as proud of the work as its benefit to society entitles you to.

    Mike Monteiro (Design is a Job)

    I read the book Design Is a Job back in 2015 and the above quote really landed with me. I really started looking at my Digital Design Agency and feeling as if I needed to change societies schmarmy approach to marketing and advertising. I felt convicted about all the manipulation used to get people to buy and it triggered something deep within me to come up with a way to be part of shifting the paradigm. I began cherry picking my clients and made the decision in 2017 to only work with conscious businesses so I started weeding out my clients. The challenge I found was corporate 3d Matrixy clients pay really well because they are super money driven and I found that many conscious businesses don't have money, struggle with a scarcity mindset and have no idea how to establish value or a proper energy exchange for their services - particularly for healers who struggle with charging for their services - because as conscious beings they don't want to profit off peoples pain - yet they still live in a 3D world based on monetary exchange. They get to learn how to offer their services in integrity and still pay the bills.

    As a result I've spent the past few years deeply entrenched in a scarcity mindset struggling with this very challenge - which drove me to get really creative to come up with a solution. It also gave me a deep empathy and understanding for the challenges of conscious businesses and entrepreneurs.

    So I wanted to come up with a platform that gave them a space to create an audience and connect with like-minded souls and also teach them how to shift their mindset, establish their value and market their services with integrity and transparency. I call it empowerment marketing.

    This idea to create an online resource has been percolating in my mind for years.. I've been purchasing domains for years planning to create an online directory of healers or health and wellness businesses, but it really started catching fire after sitting with Ayahuasca and have a very clear vision as to what my role was to be in this planet. I was told that I am meant to be working with conscious businesses and shifting the paradigms around marketing and business. I am the bridge.

    Shortly after discovering plant medicines, I discovered Gene Keys and it kept speaking to my soul. I've been formulating this vision for about 5 years now. The concept behind Meraki is based on the messages and downloads received from sitting with Sacred Plant Medicines and my deep contemplations with the wisdom teachings of the Gene Keys.

    I feel deeply in my soul this is what I am being called to create and I am trusting the universe to continue to guide me as it evolves.

    I will be offering Gene Keys workshops and Business workshops delving deeply into these teaching and concepts soon. Keep an eye out on the Meraki Tribe Collective events calendar for details!

    True prosperity is brought about by people following their genius whilst working together collectively.

    Richarrd Rudd #GeneKey16
  • Who are your team members?

    We are in the process of putting together a Meraki Community Advisory Board. If you think you have something of value to contribute and want to be considered, reach out. For now, my life partner and co-founder Will and have several close friends and associates who have been helping make this vision a reality and they will forever be our founding family.

    Lois Duncan | Co-Founder

    Lois Duncan is a deeply compassionate intuitive healer, transformational life coach, author, speaker, yoga teacher, and perpetual student of life with a vast understanding of applied psychology, metaphysics, Astrology, Ayurveda, Human Design, Gene Keys, and plant medicines. (She is also a digital designer and strategist, mother, and life-long runner.) After experiencing profound healing from a lifelong illness through indigenous plant medicines and transforming her life, she is dedicated to being a catalyst for the healing of others through sharing her wisdom and supporting clients to gain a much clearer understanding of themselves utilizing various healing modalities so they can create the life of their dreams. She is a safe space and guide. A visionary, she has dedicated her life to creating healing experiences for others and shifting paradigms by being the change she wishes to see in the world through this platform.

    Will Bombardier | Co-Founder

    Will Bombardier is a software developer and consultant with over 20 years specializing in building customized database applications for small businesses and workgroups of up to 250 users. Additional services offered include database and workflow analysis and consulting. Will's non-professional interests include researching aquaponics and organic horticultural growing methods, training in the martial art of aikido (Nidan ranking as of 2019), and practicing a variety of energy and psychotherapeutic healing modalities including Pranic Healing and EMDR Flash Technique trauma trigger reduction.

    Will has an educational foundation of a B.S. in Aquatic Biology followed by a M.S. in Environmental Ecology which perfectly suits his passion for designing, building and exploring aquaponics methods for the home grower. Will has spent the past ten years designing, building and operating a fully integrated ecologically-based aquaponics system in the suburbs of the Twin Cities.

  • What is a conscious business?

    As a business owner, you can make the choice to operate your business in a conscious way. So what do we mean by conscious business?

    There are many ways a business can be a conscious business. For example, businesses that are cognizant of their impact on the environment, that utilize ingredients and materials that reflect this awareness. Businesses that treat their customers and employees in a conscious way with integrity and transparency, offering products and services that contribute to the betterment of humanity. Businesses that market using conscious marketing tactics and principles.

    This includes traditional businesses we think of that are in the business of raising the vibrational frequency by offering healing services, coaching, yoga, meditation, training programs, retreat and workshop facilitators. It also includes, regular businesses, that one doesn't typically consider when thinking of a conscious business, like attorneys, real estate agents, and auto mechanics, etc… which can also choose to operated in a conscious manner.

    If any of these concepts resonate with you… YOU ARE A CONSCIOUS BUSINESS!!!

    • conscious business
    • lightworker healers and coaches
  • How do you make sure the businesses on the platform are conscious?

    I was really surprised at how often this question or something similar was asked - how do you vet the members on the site? So we decided to add it to the FAQ. Honestly, we believe in holding people high and trusting that if they are drawn to this platform and feel called to be part of it, that they are committed to operating in a conscious manner. It is not our place, nor anyone else's, to judge what's in another persons heart, nor how one defines "conscious." We've established some guidelines for what we consider a conscious business and the context of our platform. We trust that those who resonate will be drawn to support the vision and uphold the community values of integrity, transparency, cooperation and openness.

    We believe you are fully capable of deciding if how you are conducting yourself in life and in business is in integrity. So we will leave it up to our members to decide when someone is out of integrity … by writing reviews of their experience. If a business gets a lot of negative reviews maybe its time to do some soul searching and get clear on your intentions and results you are generating.

    When you sign up for our platform you are agreeing to abide by our "Rules of Play" and our Commenting, Participation & Review Policies. (See below in the FAQ) These agreements are simple and clear and intended to create a safe space for all who participate in our platform.

    If you are easily offended by opposing viewpoints and want to control other people's right to personal self expression and free speech our platform is probably NOT for you.

  • What is your vision for the world?

    At Meraki Tribe Collective, we stand for a world committed to operating from a space of love and cooperation, where everyone can share their gifts, show up authentically, and move through life with transparency and integrity. We all get to start where we are and consciously choose to do better.

    We truly believe that as we heal ourselves we heal for the collective - as we choose each day to do better, to live consciously, to love with an open heart; to see the beauty in being human and choose grace; we will slowly create a ripple out into the collective consciousness of humanity and raise the vibrational frequency.

    We have to start somewhere … so we are choosing to start here. To pour our love and passion into creating something of value for human kind… will you join us? Bring your gifts. Discover your genius and lets co-create a conscious economy infused with some magic.

  • How can I support the vision?

    There are multiple way you can support the vision of Meraki Tribe Collective. Here are a few:

    • Join us on Meraki Social. Join the conversation. Be a contribition. Share your gifts and wisdom.
    • Follow us on our other Social Media platforms. Help us build a following. We are starting from ground zero so every like or follow helps . Simply click on the links below to get started.
    • Share and engage with our content. Join the conversation. Help us create a buzz.
    • Own a business? Purchase a listing. Fill it out completely. Take advantage of all the amazing features on the platform.
    • Conscious consumer? Support the businesses on the platform. Attend the events that resonate with you, buy their products and service, write reviews to let people know you had a great experience. Tell them you saw them on Meraki Tribe Collective
    Donate to support our platform.

    Meraki Tribe Collective is entirely self-funded we are committed to creating this vision for the conscious community to have a safe space to connect, collaborate and co-create. All donations will go to pay for promoting and improving the platform.

      All payments secured by PayPal

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How It Works - The Membership Plans

  • How do I join?

    Simply visit our sign up page, choose the plan that works best for you and you're in! Once you sign up for an account on you will be sent an invite to join our private social platform.

  • What is a Wisdom Keeper Seed Plan Business Charter Member?
    Sequoia Reach Business Plan
    Initial Offer

    Business Seed Charter Member Plan for Wisdom Keepers

    Originally, our plan was to offer 3 different business plan pricing levels - a starter, intermediate and full-featured plan - and after THIS initial offer - the special EARLY ADOPTERS SEED PLAN CHARTER MEMBER initial offer - we WILL likely implement this pricing structure.

    If you resonate with our vision we invite you to join us as a SEED PLAN member - We are looking for those early adopters who see an opportunity and take the leap of faith knowing they will be rewarded for taking inspired action.

    So we’ve put together an irresistible offer for you visionaries committed to creating change and shifting paradigms.

    For the first 250 businesses who join Meraki Tribe Collective we are offering our top plan at a significantly reduced rate! OUR PROMISE TO YOU: We will never raise your rates as long as you consecutively participate in the platform. Our request in exchange for this discount is that you "seed" the platform with your amazing content, events, videos, articles, etc., and actively share and participate in our community.

    This means that in 5 years or so when Meraki has thousands of members and is a household name in the conscious community, you will be recognized as a SEED PLAN CHARTER MEMBER and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing YOU helped create this conscious movement - not to mention all the new clients, visibility, prosperity and amazing new connections you will receive from being part of the platform.

    Once we hit the 250 businesses, to honor those who took the leap of faith with us as we are getting started these prices will never be offered again. We will raise the monthly rate to $144 once the first 250 are signed up, and plan to raise rates at every 10k user mark, or as we add new features and resources to the platform.

    Our platform is scalable to 100,000 members initially. How cool would it be to have 100,000 high vibing conscious humans pouring pure intention out into the world? Imagine what we could create!

    So not only do you get an incredibly affordable price for being an early adopter, you get a simple no tech skills required space to share your message, have your voice heard, promote your events, showcase your products, educate and connect with your ideal client, grow your reach and have your business thrive!


    $64/mo or $700/yr

    The Business Seed Plan is limited to the first 250 businesses that sign up.

    Once the first 250 business listings have been claimed we will switch to offering our 
    Sequoia Reach Business Wisdom Keeper Plan.

    Future Offers
  • What is included with a Wisdom Keeper Seed Plan Charter Membership?
    Sequoia Reach Business Plan

    The Wisdom Keeper Seed Plan is for businesses that are serious about putting their business out there in a big way. They are ready to invest in their vision and poised to succeed with maximum reach and visibility. This is a fully featured listing which includes the following:

    • Searchable Interactive Listing
    • Priority in Search Results
    • Up to 10 Categories
    • Add Phone Number | Click to Call
    • GPS Driving Directions
    • Link to your website
    • Link to your booking calendar
    • Promote in Private Social Community
    • Influencer Account Included | 30% commission
    • Influencer Marketing Mini Course
    • Publish Events
    • Publish Articles
    • Receive Reviews
    • Showcase Products
    • Promote Special Offers
    • Photo Gallery
    • Video Galleriy
    • Soundcloud Gallery
    • Property Listings
    • Publish Jobs Listings


    $64/mo or $700/yr

    The Business Seed Plan is limited to the first 250 businesses that sign up.

    Once the first 250 business listings have been claimed we will switch to offering our 
    Sequoia Reach Business Wisdom Keeper Plan.

  • What is an Individual Influencer Seed Plan Member?
    Sequoia Reach Business Plan
    Initial Offer

    Individual Influencer Seed Plan

    Our Individual Influencer Seed Plan includes all the privileges of the General User plan, and gives you access to special member only content as well as the ability to join our Influencer Affiliate Program and get paid for sharing our platform with other conscious businesses!

    $11/mo or $97/yr

    • Private Social Community Access
    • Influencer Account Included | 15% commission
    • Influencer Marketing Mini Course
    • Influencer Marketing Materials
    • Access to Influencers Only Content
    • Refer business .. GET PAID!!
    • Write Reviews
    • Bookmark Your Favorite Content
    • Access All Member Listings
    • Access Community Articles
    • Access Public Events
    • Access Private Events Calendar
    • Access Member Deals

    See below for Meraki Tribe Collective's Influencer Affiliate Program details!!

    Click on the links below to join our Influencer Program or log in.

  • What is a Wisdom Seeker General User?

    We offer a completely FREE Wisdom Seeker General User plan that gives you access to the site content the private social community, and lets us share community information with you.

    Even joining as a free member supports our community and our vision. Here's what's included:

    • Private Social Community Access
    • Access All Member Listings
    • Access Public Events
    • Access Member Deals
    • Access Community Articles
    • Access Private Events Calendar
    • Bookmark Your Favorite Content
    • Write Reviews
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In case you were wondering?

How It Works - The Influencer Affiliate Program

  • What is an Influencer?


    noun: influencer; plural noun: influencers
    1 a person or thing that influences another."he was a champion of the arts and a huge influencer of taste"
    MARKETING a person with the ability to influence potential buyers of a product or service by promoting or recommending the items on social media."influencers can add serious credibility to your brand"

    At Meraki Tribe Collective an influencer is someone who believes in the Meraki Tribe Collective vision to co-create a conscious economy and supports our platform,, by sharing their personal affiliate or influencer links via their online digital presence i.e., email list, social media, etc... to help grow the platform and further the vision.

    We are co-creating a conscious economy! We encourage transparency and integrity in marketing and promotions and will be offering educational resources for all our Influencers so we can raise the vibrational frequency of the planet and shift paradigms around marketing and business.

  • Who can become a Meraki Tribe Collective influencer?

    We open The Meraki Tribe Collective Influencer Program as an added benefit to all paid membership levels.

  • What is the commission structure?

    Simplicity is our goal.

    We offer a 30% payout to all Influencers with a paid SEED PLAN BUSINESS LISTING for new business referrals on Meraki Tribe Collective Directory when using their personal influencer link.

    INDIVIDUAL INFLUENCERS receive a 15% payout when using their personal influencer link.

    To make things even better..... we pay residual monthly commissions as long as the listing remains active in the directory. This is an awesome way to build a passive residual income by just sharing an amazing platform with other conscious businesses.


    Example payout:
    30% Commision X SEED PLAN ($64) = $19.20 in your pocket monthly!
    15% Commision X SEED PLAN ($64) = $9.60 in your pocket monthly!

    We will also be launching some other amazing influencer products and services to our community with more opportunities to generate income! Stay tuned for details!

    Our Vision is Win Win for all!

  • How do payments worK?

    Pay-Per-Sale either 30% or 15% for each sale you deliver.

    Payments are made once per month, for the previous month. We typically pay Influencers monthly on or around the 28th of the month.

    Payments are sent out via PayPal. (So to get paid you must have a PayPal account - which is FREE and super easy to set up.)

    You must accrue a minimum of $25 for commission payout.

  • How do I join?

    It's super easy to join and get started. Simply visit our Influencer Home Page and apply for an account. If you meet our influencer criteria your account will be approved and we will send you our login info so you can get started.

    We will be adding assets to the marketing materials and have some training resources in the Influencer Dashboard that will help you get started. The easiest way is to copy your personal affiliate links and use it every time you share Meraki Tribe Collective. If anyone click on it and signs up … you will get credit.

  • What are sticky cookies?

    Our platform uses 90 day "sticky cookies" - which is really good for you as an influencer. This means that when someone clicks on your personal influencer link a tracking pixel is placed and if they sign up for a business listing membership during the next 90 days you get paid.

    PLEASE NOTE: Our system credits the first Influencer who's link is clicked on so if a person clicks on multiple people's link - the first one gets credit.

  • What's in it for me?

    The big question everyone always wants to know… WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME?YOU can become an influencer, leverage your influence for good and get paid!!

    If you are loving the vision and mission of Meraki so far and can think of tons of people just like you that could benefit from this platform … then this part you are going to REALLY LOVE!

    We know many conscious businesses and entrepreneurs out there who are tired of being shadow-banned or out-right banned from the major social platforms. They are tired of constantly feeling like they have to defend their viewpoints and crave a space where they can connect with like-minded respectful people. They are ready for a space with simple and affordable tools to share their wisdom and find their tribe.

    We think in light of all that is happening with censorship on other social media platforms timing is perfect for this concept.

    One of the other things that really bothers us about social platforms is the fact that they profit OFF their users, organic reach is at an all-time low and the big platforms make it more and more expensive to reach potential clients while taking your valuable information and selling that to others.

    Which is why at Meraki Tribe Collective, our intention is to profit WITH our members, not OFF our members so we decided to give up to 30% of our revenue to our members through our generous influencer affiliate program, and put our money where our mouth is.

    When you join Meraki Tribe Collective as a Wisdom Keeper, you pay a flat monthly fee to access all of our amazing tools and YOU keep all the profits you generate through your marketing efforts on our platform and with a little more effort as an influencer you can turn Meraki into a passive income source… and for some of you a money making machine.

  • WHY should I become an influencer?

    We believe in creating a win win and for all our members - the bigger our platform grows the more connections we can make for you as a conscious business and you as a conscious consumer. The more your business grows, the more transformation and healing happens… and at the end of the day this platform is really about creating healing on the planet by creating a space where transformation and healers can be easily found.

    Our goal is to be the one stop shop for the conscious community to connect, engage and make the world a better place. In order for that to happen we need to make sure people are aware of our platform and all the amazing benefits that comes with being part of it, and the best way to do that is to incentivize our members to share the platform with others.

    So we created the Influencer program for paying members that allows you to set up an account, get your own unique link that you can share with your connections, on your social platforms, in your email campaigns, on your websites or just text to a friend. If the friend signs up for a business profile ... YOU GET PAID!! We pay monthly and we pay residually ... so as long as they remain on the platform as a paying member you get paid. How cool is that?

    Remember…. Our intention is to profit with you not off you and give you a sense of ownership in the platform!! (If this idea excites you … we have a detailed influencer video where you can get all the granular details of how the program works, and how to be a successful influencer after you sign up.)

    Here’s what we do know, if we are all sharing the platform it will grow rapidly and create even more opportunities for the collective. WE ALL WIN!

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Community Policies & Guidelines

  • Participation Policies

    With so much negativity in the world, we created this platform as a love and light encoded space to spread positivity, awareness, and awaken souls to higher consciousness. We are committed to promoting unity and love based content… deeply-held intentions to shift the fear-based paradigms so prevalent in our society.

    So as you participate with the platform we ask that you do so with great intention for good. We are a very open-minded space of acceptance and inclusion. We are open to participation from any and all conscious businesses, but we ask that you use discretion with the content that you post. Please refrain from posting content that may be illegal, include excessive profanity, nudity, and things that might get the platform banned or cited.

    For example, personally, we are very pro plant medicine as we experienced profound healing through indigenous medicines and we actively advocate for the decriminalization of sacred medicines for use as a sacrament and healing modalities in the United States. These medicines are still illegal in many places so it is very important you use caution when posting about such topics. You are responsible for what you post and the repercussions of your content on this platform.

    Also, be sure to post only original content you own or created, and/or that you have copyright permission to use the content you share. We always want to be respectful of other's intellectual property.

    Be nice! There will be many things posted on this platform as we grow, and we are sure that there will be viewpoints and methodologies that do not resonate with us and that is perfectly fine. We choose to take what resonates and let the rest go. We ask that you do the same. We are not nearly as effective in getting our message across when we try to force our views on others. So share your content, put it out there and it will resonate with those who align. Never underestimate the power of planting a seed for those not yet ready to hear your message.

    Likewise, if you disagree with a viewpoint please feel free to open a dialogue but please do so from a space of love and desire to understand and evolve. It is also appropriate to agree to disagree at times or just scroll right on past.

    PLEASE NOTE: The viewpoints of the articles and content posted on this platform do not necessarily reflect the viewpoints of Meraki Tribe Collective and its staff. We welcome all content that is shared from a space of love and with positive intent.

    We do, however, reserve the right to remove any content that is malicious, pornographic, profane, abusive, discriminatory, inflammatory, or crude. This site is not the context for that type of content.

  • Commenting Policy

    Join the conversation. Your voice matters.

    Meraki Tribe Collective respects the experience of our users and has developed this Commenting Policy to demonstrate its commitment to protecting your experience on our platform. 

    We encourage you to read this Commenting Policy carefully when using our website or services or transacting business with us. By using our website, you are agreeing to honor and uphold the practices described in this Commenting Policy.

    We welcome conversation on our blog posts, community articles and social platform. We love that our community is passionate about healing, conscious living and business, and share their ideas, questions and comments regularly. We encourage freedom of expression and diversity in thinking that is in alignment with the context of our platform.

    Here are some general guidelines to make the discussions great on Meraki Tribe Collective:

    We ask that you T.H.I.N.K. before you comment or share. Ask yourself:

    Is it TRUE?

    Is it HELPFUL?

    Is it IMPORTANT?

    Is it NECESSARY?

    Is it KIND?

    • All comments must be submitted through our commenting system and/or social platform, which means you must be a registered user to comment. We have several membership options including a FREE general user plan.

    • All comments submitted are approved for publishing (except those caught in our spam filter). However, we reserve the right to edit or delete comments at any time based on our editorial assessment.

    • Comments should add value to the conversation, be obviously genuine and not spammy. If your comment is too shallow and there are other indicators that you are a spammer, the comment will not be approved, and potentially removed.

    • You may include links within your comment if they add to the conversation and are not self-promotional. Please don’t link to your product within the comment unless doing so adds to the conversation in a meaningful way.

    • Keep comments relevant to the original post. Do not hijack a post to an entirely different question. Please start a new thread to start a new conversation.

    • All links embedded within comments will have a nofollow attribute on them. So if you’re looking for us to pass link equity to your site through your comment, you won’t find that here.

    • Finally, please be civil. It’s OK to share your unique perspective, and we will share ours. We don’t have to agree to have a fruitful conversation, but being rude will get you a one-way ticket to being kicked out of the discussion.

    Above all, we thank you for your participation and enjoy having you be a part of the discussion!

  • Reviews Policy

    Reviews are an integral part of our platform. They provide valuable feedback for our community and are fabulous for SEO. (Search Engine Optimization) They help us rank better on Google and help listings rank within the platform as well.

    So if you have a listing be sure to ask your friends and clients to write a review for you…. And be sure to write review for other listings that you've had a great experience with personally.

    When writing reviews please check in with your intention for the review. This platform is meant to be one of high intention to spread positivity and good will. We want you to be honest in your feedback and reviews but also ask that you check in with your motivations when posting any thing that may be considered derogatory.

    My mama always said if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all.

    With that said, honest feedback can give businesses valuable insight in areas they can improve when delivered with love and good intentions. It can also protect the community if a provider is out of integrity and violating the safety of others. So don't be afraid to be honest and authentic, but please refrain from posting out of anger or fear based intentions.

    Also, it is very important to only write reviews for businesses you have actually done business with personally.

    Let's focus on what's good in the world and creating an amazing community experience.

  • Privacy Policy

    The Meraki Tribe Collective Privacy Policy

    Please read this Privacy Policy carefully before using this Website.

    Privacy Policy Consent
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